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Keeping the Memory of World War II Alive

Posted by | Uncategorized | October 11, 2013

My grandfather died yesterday. He was a bomber pilot in World War II, and was always proud of his role in defeating the greatest threats the world has faced in modern history. Today, Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke died, after serving a rather comfortable house arrest in Rome. As the last survivors of that war leave us, it is more important than ever that this generation remember what they did. Their presence has helped keep the memories alive, both of the atrocities and the courage in overcoming them. Without them, there is a real danger that vigilance and collective memory will fade, and the horrors of that period could return.

How do we avoid this? It’s simply a matter of discipline. Society needs to continue to make it a point to remember. Schools need to keep it on their curriculum, even if that does not fit standardized testing. Hollywood has done more to keep the memory alive than anyone, with films constantly being made, both true and fictional. Here in Louisiana, the National World War II Museum is an impressive effort to bring the entire war to its visitors.

When I was growing up, my grandfather, Jack Morrison, always made sure I knew what he fought for. I am going to make sure that lesson continues to pass down so that we truly never forget.

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Law as a Widget

Posted by | Uncategorized | September 23, 2013

Virtual Law OfficeSean Morrison, PLLC is a virtual law office, meaning it uses technology to practice law completely online, an area the profession has so far avoided. The internet is full of law firm websites, but they remain static advertisements for the firm. Even these took a decade to spring up. The legal profession remains notoriously techno-phobic and has not been proactive in taking advantage of the way people work in the modern era.

In fact, many states are actively making it more difficult for attorneys to work online, post blogs, or even have a social media profile. Despite this, the virtual law office is making some headway especially with younger attorneys who are not afraid of technology. In fact, many attorneys recognize the extremely valuable and democratic nature of the internet and what it can offer to the profession and the people it serves.

Today, most people expect a different kind of service – one that caters to their needs rather than the schedules of the professional. They want to know what something costs before they buy it, and they only want to buy what they need. Bells and whistles are great, but there are some things that simply do not require a $400 per hour attorney to handle.

The social nature of today’s internet offers the legal profession a unique opportunity to provide this level of customer service. The concept is new, and there are a lot of questions about how these kinds of services would apply to the legal industry. However, the demand is out there as evidenced by the do-it-yourself legal document companies making fortunes off of people who cannot (or will not) pay for an attorney.

Sean Morrison, PLLC is a virtual law office that can handle an unbundled legal matter, from start to finish, entirely via the internet. The legal profession needs to recognize that people want their legal services as affordable and accessible as all their other products; all their other widgets. This blog will explore the virtual law office concept, the legal issues of doing business on the internet, and other topics of interest for web-based companies. We call it “Law as a Widget,” or LaaW.


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