KlearGear Fined $300k

After KlearGear Tried to Fine Couple for Posting Bad Review, Court Awards Couple $300k.

We’ve talked about this case before ==> Here. Sometimes an update is satisfying, as it is this time. For those who don’t know, or remember,¬†John and Jen Palmer posted a bad review about KlearGear.com for poor customer service. In retaliation, KlearGear fined them $3,500 for an obscure clause in their terms of service requiring users to not say anything bad about KlearGear. Never mind that the Palmer’s ordeal happened before those terms were implemented.

Obviously, the Palmer’s refused to pay the $3,500 fine for the review of the $20 item, so KlearGear then went about ruining the Palmer’s credit, to such an extent that they were unable to get a loan even to fix their water heater. So they sued KlearGear, who never responded and ended up with a default judgment voiding the $3,500 fine and setting a date for damages.

Now the damages are here and they’ve clocked in at over $300,000 for the Palmers. It’s satisfying to see behavior like this get its just deserts. We’ll see how likely they pay though. They may have a service of process issue to clear up first.

Public Citizen –¬†Judge Awards Utah Couple $306,750 in Case Against Retailer That Tried to Impose Fine for Critical Online Review