The Latest in Internet Censorship

Censorship Around the World

China Censors Google

Most Google sites have been shut down or severely restricted across China as the 12th anniversary of Tiananmen Square comes up. By only blocking some services and allowing poor access to others, China is setting up Google for the blame.

NYTimes – China Escalating Attack on Google

YouTube Back in Turkey?

Turkey’s highest court has ordered Prime Minister Erdogan to allow access to YouTube after he shut it down when videos showing corruption in his administration surfaced (remember the Twitter incident?). The decision may not be enough, since the government tends to ignore its courts.

BBC News – Turkish court orders YouTube access to be restored

Serbia Upset Over Claims of Censorship

Serbian PM Vucic demanded an apology from the OSCE after it accused the government of shutting down blogs and arresting three people critical of the government’s response to severe flooding which left 51 people dead. Yes, this is the same Vucic who served as Milosevic’s Information Minister during the late 90’s.

Reuters – Serbian PM demands OSCE apology over allegations of censorship