Lawsuits Galore

A few of the internet business lawsuits making the rounds lately. They may give you some idea of the legal issues online companies are facing.

Apple Sued for Blocking Texts

A California woman has sued Apple for blocking her texts when she switched to an Android phone. Perhaps the company could learn some lessons from their “friendly” devices.   Business Insider

SEO Company In Court for Bad Practices

Don’t screw with law firms. A group of them is suing the Rainmaker Institute for providing crappy SEO. While they didn’t make guarantees, they allegedly utilized practices known to be punishable by Google. Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Can’t Sue for a Bad Review

In 2009, a negative review regarding’s customer service started a 5 year legal dispute which just ended with a default judgment in favor of the reviewer. When KlearGear tried to fine the customer $3,500 for the review of a $20 product, the customer fought back. ArsTechnica