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Why the Sean Morrison Law Offices LLC?

Confidence, convenience, and cost. We focus on internet law for internet businesses. We can help with the legal matters regarding your online business, from start-up to sale. And since we unbundle our services, you only pay for what you actually need. What more could you ask for?


With the Sean Morrison Law Office LLC, you can rest assured that your work will be handled by an actual attorney, not just some software.


With our Virtual Law Office, your matter is handled on your schedule. Communicate securely and track progress, all online 24/7.


By working online, we save on overhead, which passes on to you. All the services of an attorney far below the costs of a traditional firm.


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What We Do

Your needs are diverse, and we can help. The Sean Morrison Law Offices LLC provides a wide range of legal services from business formation to legal strategies to legislative consulting. Whatever your need, we can help. The following are just some fields in which we do work.

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Business Formation

You have a great idea, and now need to make it a business. We can help you determine the best structure for your company. Whether it be a sole proprietorship, incorporation, LLC, or non-profit, you will have the satisfaction of a strong legal foundation.


Your business is all about making deals. We can help keep those deals safe with strong agreements and contracts. Employment, contractors, purchases, waivers, and anything else you need. Make sure your understanding of the deal is captured.

Legal Strategy

You have questions about how to maneuver a difficult legal field, or just need some advice on how a new law affects you. We will work with you to find the correct solutions, and provide you the tools so that you can succeed.


You are online, but need the legal agreements in place to operate safely. We can help with terms of use, privacy policies, disclaimers, copyright issues, or provide a website audit to identify areas of concern. 


Protecting your software is important. That means a strong and reliable end user licensing agreement or software-as-a-service agreement. We can build one that fits your business model and helps keep you and your product protected.


You need to boost the economic development of your area, or improve your environmental stewardship. Our consulting services may be just what you need. The legal issues surrounding sustainable development and climate change happen to be our greatest strength.


The Vision

The Sean Morrison Law Offices LLC is a law firm dedicated to helping your new or small businesses grow and succeed. We provide you with exceptional legal work combined with an easily accessible system. Sean recognized early on that the legal profession was hopelessly behind the times. By creating a practice that functions online, he built a system where you can receive the services of a typical law firm, but do so on your schedule. If you can do your shopping, banking, and socializing online, why can’t you manage your legal matters online as well?

About Sean Morrison

Sean Morrison is an experienced attorney practicing in the fields of business law, internet, and consulting. His understanding of today’s new business environment make him uniquely positioned to help online companies navigate the legal issues ahead of them.

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Need more info? Learn more about Sean Morrison and the firm at our About Us page.

About Us

Sean Morrison
Sean Morrison
Attorney at Law
“In today’s day and age, with the technology and tools that we all have, there is no reason the law cannot be affordable and available to everyone.”


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Our Online Law Office gives you access to your case and your attorney from your computer, phone, or other mobile device. We use the  secure client portal utilizing bank level security.


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At this time, please do not send over any confidential or sensitive information, or time sensitive requests for representation. Only include information about your self, and your problem in general so that we can run a conflict of interest check. Information submitted through this form may not be confidential. Remember, any communications at this time, whether via the portal or other means, do not create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship will only be created when:

  1. We have determined that there is no conflict of interest;
  2. The Sean Morrison Law Office LLC has agreed to represent you; and
  3. We have both agreed on the terms and fees of the representation.

When these things have happened, we will write to confirm that an attorney-client relationship has been formed. When that happens, you can communicate freely with us.

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